A Quick Update

Just a few things going on in April that I thought I’d share

So I’m doing a 10 day juice cleanse and a 10 week total body workout program called T25! Both of which are off to a good start. The 10 day juice cleanse is from a person named JJ Smith but with my own kind of twist on it. To give a brief synopsis, the smoothies include veggies, fruits, water, and flaxseeds. I can snack in between my smoothies on things like carrots, celery, nuts, and hard boiled eggs. There’s no other dairy involved and no caffeine (I miss you coffee). I interchanged some of the fruits in the recipes but so far I’m doing okay, there have certainly been some struggle points though. I’m on about day 5 and though there’s a lot of food I am dying to eat, I kind of like this cleanse. I might even keep it up once I’m finished, with some modifications though because having no actual meals is a difficult task. I will get into details of the 10 days in a later blog post where I’ll be reviewing the cleanse once I’m finished. T25 is challenging but fun. I’ve been having some trouble with my asthma lately which doesn’t help but I’m making it through. I’m on a new medicine for it and it seems to be working well. Either way I already see progress with T25 which is awesome!

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to read all the books I purchased in 2018 and never finished or even started for that matter. With that being said, I have been reading 2 books a month each month since January. I try to follow a theme so in Jan I finished 2 books I already started, in Feb I read two books written by black authors, in March I read a book by a woman and a book about a strong woman as the main character. So this month I’m dedicating April to some classics. I’m reading Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Pride and Prejudice. Don’t judge me on not having read TKAM before now lol, I never had to read it in high school like most people!! Anyways…I started with Jane Eyre and at first I was skeptical but I’m starting to really love Jane and her story. I’ll let you guys know my final thoughts once I finish the book.

Mentally and emotionally the last few weeks have been good to me. The end of Feb through mid March was so up and down for me so I’m pretty happy to be back in a positive and stable place. As I’ve said before, grief is not a place to get stuck so I do try my best to keep moving forward even when the days are long and treacherous. Sometimes that can be a really tricky thing to do. I’m looking forward to Easter and getting to spend the day with my fam and some good food. I find a lot of comfort in spending time with both my family (this includes my friends) and Chase’s family, who are mine now as well. It really gives me strength to keep persevering because I know they believe in me, are routing for me, and support me, just as much as I do all those things for myself. I am so thankful for the people I am surrounded by, they are truly a gift from God.

I hope everyone is having a great April and if you aren’t please be patient and remember that you are invincible, you’ve survived every worst day you’ve ever had, you can make it through this too!

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