Silver Linings

Quite some time ago, I decided that I would always try to find the silver lining in all situations. Since I made that decision it has basically become second nature for me to ALWAYS find the silver lining in the struggles I face, even when I don’t necessarily want to, that is just where my mind takes me.

Tonight, as I was walking in the house from work I found myself thinking of how happy I was to be home and how excited I was to cook dinner for my boyfriend and I. Then that spiraled into how much I love living with my boyfriend and how much fun we have together. How much I love his family and how grateful I am that they’ve added me into their group as one of their own. From there, I went into how much I love my own family and how thankful I am that even though God took the most important person in my life way sooner than I ever anticipated, he left me in the care of such an amazing team of people. It was like a snowball effect. The positive thoughts on what I am thankful for just kept flowing. I am going through easily the most difficult time in my life, I don’t think I can face anything harder than this, truly I don’t. But even now in the face of the biggest storm I’ve weathered to date, there are silver linings. Though something awful happened to me, there is still so much to be thankful for and I love when I have those moments of clarity that allow me to actually feel that thankfulness.

When something bad happens, it is so easy to fall into a pit of woe is me. Constantly asking why me, why now, what did I do to deserve this, so on and so fourth. That is a trap that I try to avoid at all costs. There is nothing there for me except a world of pain. There are no answers, there’s no resolve, there’s no peace – just pain. I prefer to invest energy into finding silver linings and holding on to them as joyful reminders that there is always positive in any negative situation I may face. For me, at this moment there are two that stick out to me. The first being, my mom is no longer suffering, this is probably the most important one. Watching her suffer was heartbreaking to say the least. Though I miss her tremendously, I am so glad that is over for her. Watching someone die a slow and painful death has got to be one of the most difficult things to witness. She’s no longer in pain and that’s the driving factor for me. No matter how bad I hurt, watching her hurt and not being able to help her hurt me more. Secondly, I have grown so much from this experience. Mentally and emotionally I am stronger and I am wiser. I learned so much about so many things that I couldn’t have learned if I hadn’t gone through this.

Finding the silver lining isn’t always an easy thing to do but I make a conscious effort to keep trying. Even on the days where they seem hidden in a sea of misery. There are definitely times where I want to give up and engulf myself in all those negative feelings, but honestly where is that going to get me? I can’t move forward while I’m also holding on to the heavy feelings of negativity. It is just too heavy of a load to carry. Living in a positive light and finding the hidden blessings and the lessons within each trial and tribulation I face is more rewarding than carrying the weight of those negative emotions. I encourage anyone who is struggling to try to shift their focus to the silver linings within that situation rather than dwelling on the difficulties you are facing. Life is hard and no one ever said that it wouldn’t be, but even in the worst of times there are always silver linings. Even when they are a little bit harder to find, they are there. – T

4 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. After we lost my aunt to breast cancer, people always said “She’s in a better place” and “she’s not suffering anymore” and while I knew that and was glad that she wasn’t in pain, it pissed me off when people said it like at the funeral. Of course, I don’t want her to suffer but I didn’t like feeling like people were trying to force me to move on. She was my biggest loss and I needed to be able to come to terms with it on my on time not because someone else tried to tell me too. So I definitely agree but I think people need to realize that when that loss is fresh, that’s not always a comforting thing to say.

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    1. I totally agree. There are so many things people say in an effort to be comforting and really the comments are so far from that. While the thought of heaven does lead you to believe they’re in a better place, when a loss is fresh I don’t care about that. In my mind, the best place for them is here with me! I think everyone copes with it differently. For me searching for silver linings allows me to remove myself from the horror of the situation.

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